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Your useful guide through the world of adhesive tapes
Adhesive tape typesDescription
Barrier tapeBarrier tapes are mostly exposed to environmental influences and must be resistant and resilient to them. Barrier tapes based on PE-LD film or plastics such as polyethylene HD are usually suitable for this purpose.
Acrylic adhesiveAcrylic adhesives can be dissolved in solvents or aqueous dispersions. They consist of polymerized acrylic ester monomers. Synthetic resins are added to increase tack. The special properties of acrylic adhesives lie in their high resistance to aging, temperature and chemicals, as well as extensive insensitivity to UV radiation and oxidation.
Aluminum adhesive tapesPure aluminum foils, adhesive rubber or acrylate, with or without adhesive cover, colors black, white or silver, high thermal resistance, sealing of air ducts, double glazing, heat reflection, joining of insulating panels.
Lead tapesPure self-adhesive lead film, smooth surface, cover white siliconized PE film, adhesive acrylate modified.
Floor marking tapesNowadays, floor marking tapes are an indispensable part of hazard identification, for example, and can be used in a variety of ways. Be it in airports to show the way or at banks to keep the distance to the previous customer.
Butyl adhesiveButyl adhesives consist of a mixture of isobutylene and natural rubber with embedded carbon black particles. A high degree of crosslinking is achieved by hot calendering, which ensures very good aging resistance. In addition, butyl adhesives are largely insensitive to UV radiation and oxidation.
Cyanoacrylate adhesivesCyanoacrylate adhesives are commonly known as “instant adhesives”. Preferred substrates include metals, glass or ceramics, which allow for an extremely thin bonding gap.
Double sided fabric tapesUniversal applicability
Can also be used on rough and fibrous substrates due to high adhesive strength

Also with different adhesive strength, ideal for temporary installation of carpet, especially for exhibitions. Rubber-based differential adhesive, adapts to difficult shapes, strong, difficult to tear off, high instant adhesion, easy to remove with almost no residue.
Duct TapeDuct Tape is also known synonymously as armor tape, universal tape or industrial tape. This is a silver-gray, self-adhesive and waterproof fabric tape.
Stainless steel adhesive tapesAll specifications on request
Epoxy adhesivesEpoxy resin adhesives, also called epoxy adhesives, have two components: Resin and hardener. Due to the high strength of cured epoxy adhesives, they are often used for structural bonding, such as in vehicle or aircraft construction.
Gaffer TapeGaffer Tape or Gaffer’s Tape (gaffer = lighting master) is a matt, stable and strongly adhesive fabric tape, which can be easily torn by hand and can usually be removed almost without residue after not too long an adhesive time. The main colors are black, gray/silver and white.
Glass fiber reinforced tapesAdhesive tapes that are particularly suitable for bundling, holding and securing extremely heavy goods, e.g. steel tape ends, cable reels, filled drums, etc., due to their enormous instant adhesion and extreme tear resistance.
Pressure sensitive adhesivesPressure-sensitive adhesives remain highly viscous and permanently adhesive after application to a carrier material, and can then be applied by pressure to a substrate, where they then adhere.
Hotmelt Adhesive / Hotmelt Adhesive100% systems, due to which no solvent needs to be used to apply the adhesive. The tape is temperature resistant and self-adhesive at room temperature.
Plate mounting tapesSpecial foam and film adhesive tapes for the printing and graphics industryfor mounting printing plates or printing plates. We offer tapes in various thicknesses and different degrees of hardness and will be happy to advise you on which product meets your individual requirements. By using the right cliché band, your printing plates can be mounted easily, repositioned without any problems, and removed again without leaving any residue.
Kraft papersSelf-adhesive tapes made of natural brown soda paper in a wide variety of designs, suitable for any application – even with thread reinforcement for maximum tear strength. Another advantage is the particularly high elongation stability even with temperature fluctuations.
Adhesive crepe tapesSingle-sided adhesive tapes with paper backing for simple to demanding applications, these include:
General covering work over short or long periods of time
Masking work
Applications in the high temperature range
Use as assembly aid
Plastic coated beltsAcrylic coated fabric tapes, which can be used universally in industry in trade and craft for repairing, marking and bundling due to a temperature resistance > 100°C.
Important features:
Manually good tearable
Resistant to chemicals
High adhesion
Excellent aging resistance
Very good cold and heat resistance
Very good electrical properties
Copper adhesive tapesIn various sizes and thicknesses Acrylic adhesive for single and double insulation, non-conductive, conductive, good solderability, static shielding, UL. Approval, electrical insulation, removable, tin-laminated copper tapes.
Paint masking tapesSpecially designed masking tapes for powder and thermal spray coatings that provide excellent temperature and abrasion resistance while protecting surfaces.
Important features:
High temperature resistance
Snugness and flexibility
Easy and clean detachment
Bonding to a wide variety of materials
Metal adhesive tapesAll specifications on request.
Natural and synthetic rubber adhesivesThere are natural and synthetic rubber adhesives. They are made tacky with the help of resins and plasticizers and processed from a solution or as a hot melt adhesive. Rubber adhesives have high initial tack, but have the disadvantages of poor temperature and aging resistance and lack of resistance to UV radiation.
PA filmsPA films have very high heat resistance and are extremely tear-resistant. In addition, there is good abrasion resistance, such as in the case of adhesive tapes with PA fabric and PA velour, which belong to the highest abrasion class (according to LV 312). Polyamide films are often used in the electrical industry.
PE coated belts

Very strong and conformable tapes equipped with a non-corrosive adhesive, which minimizes reactions with the bonded surface. Many tapes can be resumed without leaving any residue. Waterproof PE tapes are very suitable for countless applications with high loads. The tapes also convince with extraordinary shear strength and are ideal for difficult and rough surfaces such as concrete, plaster and stone, as a skirting tape and for sealing pipes, ventilation shafts, etc.
PE foam tapesKI’s range of single and double-sided foam tapes offer solutions for virtually every industry in joining, mounting, fixing, bonding, waterproofing, airproofing, dustproofing, draught-proofing, gap-filling, cushioning and supporting. The products are economical, quick and easy to apply, clean, adaptable, versatile and durable.
PET filmsthin, double-sided adhesive tapes with carrier

high instant adhesion to many different materials such as metal, glass, wood, paper or plastic, as well as to textile or painted surfaces
Adhesion on low-energy materials.

In combination with acrylic adhesive, good resistance to plasticizers, UV radiation and aging
PP filmsLaying carpet

Different adhesive sides for residue-free resumption
PVC filmsSelf-adhesive finishing of plastic and wooden profiles and cable ducts
for bonding heavy decorative pieces and displays
Scale, fascia and sign bonding Attachment and continuous bonding of plastic, metal, paper and foil webs
Foam and felt bonding
Repulpable adhesive tapesAs the exclusive distributor for ORAFIX products, we offer you a well-rounded range for all applications within the paper and printing industry. The water-soluble ORAFIX® adhesive tapes are available in single-sided and double-sided adhesive versions. As a production aid, from roll start splicing, to static roll splicing, to flying roll splicing, smooth operations for your production processes are ensured with the highest efficiency. ORAFIX® repulpable tapes are FDA-certified, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in the food/food packaging industry.
Sandblasting tapeSandblasting is used to engrave motifs on hard surfaces, such as gravestone engraving, or to decorate wooden surfaces. To enable accurate results for complex shapes even with this very mechanical process, a highly specialized adhesive tape known as sandblasting tape is used. It is characterized by good handling and high resistance to sandblasting.
Flame retardant aluminum stripsAll specifications on request.
Silicone adhesiveSilicone adhesives are the only adhesives that adhere to siliconized surfaces, as the name suggests. Furthermore, they are particularly convincing due to their temperature resistance as well as their impressive resistance to weathering and aging. As a result, silicone adhesives are ideal for bonding permanent applications that need to be particularly elastic and flexible. They consist of synthesized polymers and have rubber-like properties (elastomers). Silicone adhesives are extremely resistant to temperature, both cold and heat. For more info, please feel free to contact us by phone.
Splice tapesAdhesive Tapes International offer you a wide range of technical splicing tapes specially designed for splicing paper, films, foils, carpets and PVC coverings.
Due to the comprehensive range of splicing products, we offer the adequate solution for almost every splicing method and for almost all substrates.
The advantages of our splicing tapes at a glance:
High-performance adhesives result in very high bond strength, secure splice connections and minimal downtime
High shear and tear strength
Excellent temperature resistance
Fast adhesion and bonding
Easier handling
Different carrier materials guarantee perfect processability
Resistance to plasticizers and solvents
Strapping tapesStrapping tapes are applied to reinforce packaging material. Most often they are used for solid closure of cartons. The operation is similar to that of a strong cord. A wide variety of designs make them suitable for a wide range of applications such as bundling, holding and securing extremely heavy goods, e.g. steel strap ends, cable reels, filled drums, etc.
Carpet tapeCarpet tape or sometimes called installation tape is a double-sided adhesive tape with strong adhesive power. It is used to securely bond carpets and other floor coverings to the substrate. Carpet tape is used in private households as well as in larger companies. In this context, craftsmen and forwarders in particular obtain installation tape to fix carpets and other floor coverings and thus prevent the risk of accidents.
Transfer tapesCarrierless adhesive film, applied on silicone paper, different thickness, acrylic adhesive, for self-adhesive, fastening, splicing, for any kind of final bonding.
Routing tapeRoute tape is used like any barrier tape to cordon off areas. Most often, the term routing tape is used when military purposes are involved. The German Armed Forces, for example, use route tape to prohibit unauthorized persons from accessing dangerous zones.
Turn up tapesWe have been supplying the paper industry with our TURN-UP belts for over 20 years. Our products are known for their consistently good quality and the associated process reliability at the Mart.
UV acrylic adhesivesUV acrylates as light-curing instant adhesives react by irradiation with UV light. UV acrylic adhesives are used in communications and automotive electronics, as well as in plastics and glass processing.
Nonwoven adhesive tapesVery thin adhesive tapes that have high temperature resistance and adapt well to uneven surfaces.
Warning tapeBarrier tapes are usually used to close off certain areas. The focus here is on preventing unauthorized access. Although warning tape is essentially also used for this application, it has a different intention: passers-by are to be warned of a danger zone by means of conspicuous coloring.
Cellulose fabric tapesCellulose woven tapes are preferably used for taping cable harnesses. The specially designed tape surface results in a dirt-repellent and permanently flexible cable harness which, compared to many other tape materials, is very well protected against external mechanical stresses (e.g. sharp edges).
Important features:
Very good aging resistance
Good cold and heat resistance
Manually good tearable
High adhesion
PVC compatible
Dense fabric structure
Tin laminated copper stripsAll specifications on request.