Plate mounting tapes

Plate mounting tapes are adhesive tapes used in the printing industry for plate mounting. The term cliché refers to a printing plate used in the printing industry and produced by machine for the letterpress process. Clichés are also used in blind embossing, relief embossing and letterpress printing. In this process, the plate mounting tape attaches the plate to the carrier.

The special features and applications of plate mounting tapes

Plate mounting tapes, as described, are used in various designs, primarily in the printing industry. Therefore, the most important properties of plate mounting tapes are high and double-sided adhesive strength. In addition, the plate mounting tape should be easy to handle so that processing is fast, simple and precise.

Since there are a wide variety of requirements in the printing and embossing industry, we carry a number of different plate mounting tapes in our store, which we will be happy to customize for you. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the various options.