Routing tape

Do you need routing tape? With us you can conveniently buy routing tape online for larger personal use or commercial and government purposes. Since the choice of material depends heavily on your application, our experts will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice. The best way to do this is to contact us right away.

Buy routing tape online – A question of application

Route tape is used like any barrier tape to cordon off areas. Most often, the term routing tape is used when military purposes are involved. The German Armed Forces, for example, use route tape to prohibit unauthorized persons from accessing dangerous zones. Of course, there are also far more commonplace applications for routing tape. These include, for example:

  • Construction sites
  • Accident sites
  • Defective machines and devices
  • Places of official investigations

Which routing tape you should buy online for a particular purpose is not always easy to answer, because: Here it depends on the material properties. If in doubt, we recommend a consultation with our experts.

When buying routing tape online, pay attention to the material

Tear-resistant and weatherproof? Yet gentle on the environment? And if you want to tear it off by hand? Anyone who buys routing tape online is spoiled for choice: depending on the material, the products differ greatly from one another. Products based on a PE-LD film, for example, are robust yet environmentally friendly. For more durable routing tape, such as that used by the German armed forces, plastics such as polyethylene HD should be used. These are also suitable for use when the product becomes live.

Buy routing tape online and assemble directly

Dimensions and colors of our routing tape do not match your requirements? No problem: we have various processes in the field of finishing. Here, for example, are individual cuts or also wish inscriptions to mention. Thus, we can adapt the products to your individual requirements.