Splice tapes

Splicing is mainly used in the paper industry. In this process, paper or film webs are joined together with the help of adhesive tapes. For this purpose, the so-called splice tapes are used. This type of adhesive tape is particularly characterized by high longitudinal and transverse tensile strength, high shear strength and good aging resistance. The splicing tapes can be supplied both single- and double-sided.

Our splicing tapes

With our many years of experience, we will be happy to advise you on our splicing tapes. We are constantly expanding our assortment on our website and can thus offer many different types of adhesive tapes. In addition, we assemble splicing tapes so that we can be the right partner for you, even for special requirements. Feel free to contact our experts or ask us directly via our product inquiry if the splicing tape you need is not available on our site.