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Adhesive tapes for the construction industry

Demanding requirements, customized solutions

Drywall construction, heating and plumbing construction, and painting – the various requirements of these different branches are as diverse as the trades in the construction industry. As a specialist for adhesive tapes in the construction industry, we know the different areas of application and have a wide range of suitable solutions for all common requirements. In addition, we are happy to customize our products to provide you with an optimal tape for your individual needs.

Adhesive tapes for the construction industry – Selecting the ideal solution

With a sector as broad as construction, it’s obvious that a variety of different tapes are used. Here, some questions need to be answered in order to find the right solution. What is the purpose of the tapes? Do the belts have to meet special mechanical requirements? What properties should you have for processing? As an expert in adhesive tapes for the construction industry, we use these and other questions to work with you to select the right solution.

Adhesive tapes in construction - some examples

Versatile application

To give you a brief impression of the various adhesive tapes for the construction industry, we present some tapes here. PE-coated tapes are suitable for insulating pipes. These tapes are particularly important for the construction industry because their coating of polyethylene, a tough thermoplastic, makes them valuable for various applications. Safety first: That is why marking tapes are also often used in the construction industry. These designate hazardous areas or indicate where certain elements should be installed. Glass-reinforced tapes, which can be used to secure heavy materials due to their enormous tensile strength, are also recommended as adhesive tapes for the construction industry. In addition, there are other tapes for many applications in the field of painting or even engraving.

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