PE coated belts

PE-coated tapes are among the most versatile adhesive tapes due to their material properties. The coating made of polyethylene, a resistant thermoplastic, enables use in a wide variety of application scenarios. The spectrum ranges from temporary use in window and stair construction as well as in workshops or for floor laying and roofing to permanent repair work.

We offer our customers to customize the tapes according to their requirements. Feel free to contact our long-time experts for more information.

PE-coated belts – the advantages

Due to the PE coating, the tapes are extremely moisture resistant as well as weather and temperature resistant. In addition, they are characterized by their high adhesive strength, so that they adhere securely even to dusty and uneven surfaces. Thanks to the flexibility that PE-coated tapes offer, they can still be applied to almost any surface with a precise fit. The non-corrosive rubber adhesive used ensures that, despite their high adhesive strength, the tapes have no effect on the substrate on which they are applied and can be removed without leaving any residue. Depending on the desired property, PE tapes can be both easy to tear off and thus very convenient to handle, and extremely tear-resistant. The belts are also robust in the face of mechanical influences such as friction and pressure, which can occur particularly when used on construction sites. PE-coated tapes can be accurately labeled and printed.