Copper adhesive tapes

Copper adhesive tapes are an important tool in many industries and consist of a copper foil and a powerful adhesive. The adhesive is usually also electrically conductive to enable use in many areas.

At cardinal TAPES, we know the requirements of different industries for metal tapes. That is why we carry various models of these tapes and make up copper tapes as needed. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the subject.

The special features and areas of application of copper adhesive tapes

The advantages of copper tapes over other adhesive tapes made of plastic are, for example, the conductivity of heat and electricity. For these reasons, copper adhesive tapes are mainly used in electroplating, air conditioning and mechanical engineering. In these industries, the tape can perform various tasks such as being used as an electromagnetic shield. In this way, devices can be protected from radiation from cell phones, for example.