Kraft paper

Whether for watercolor painting, handicrafts, bookbinding or for fixing paper and cardboard, kraft paper adhesive tapes are characterized by their wide range of applications. This is made possible by their material properties. Kraft paper has above all a particularly high stability. The natural rubber adhesive used is also wet-adhesive. As a result, the tapes are often used by painters or hobbyists. They are also convincing due to their ecological advantages: Corresponding adhesive tapes are 100 percent recyclable.

Kraft paper – strong all-rounder

Kraft papers are paper grades with particularly high strength. They are made almost entirely of pure natural fiber. Most often coniferous woods with long fibers, such as spruce and pine, are used for this purpose. Only starch, alum and glue are added during production. Classically, kraft paper is very often used in the packaging sector due to its tear resistance, as it has a pronounced resistance to mechanical stress. Another advantage is the particularly high elongation stability, even with significant temperature fluctuations. For a short time, the material even withstands an amplitude of minus 30 to plus 70 degrees. Since the tapes are also made from purely natural components, they are particularly environmentally friendly and 100 percent degradable.

Versatile application

Its properties make kraft paper tape attractive for various users. Because of its handling and high strength, it is very popular in shipping departments, for example, and is excellent for packing boxes. For example, despite its enormous stability, it can be easily separated from the tape roll without any other tools. Likewise, it is coveted by dealers of artists’ supplies and hobbyists, because: It is very suitable for work with paint or also in combination with materials such as paper, such as in bookbinding activities.

Of course, the ribbons can be individually labeled and printed. As with all our products, we offer to customize them according to your wishes. Feel free to contact our long-time experts for more information.