Sandblasting adhesive tapes

Sandblasting is used to engrave motifs on hard surfaces, such as gravestone engraving, or to decorate wooden surfaces. To enable accurate results for complex shapes even with this very mechanical process, a highly specialized adhesive tape known as sandblasting tape is used. It is characterized by good handling and high resistance to sandblasting.

The advantages of sandblasting tape

Sandblasting tape consists of a rubber backing and one that can be removed without leaving any residue. The adhesive has a high adhesion especially on polished surfaces and wood. Due to the uniform density of the carrier material, users can cut out or punch complex shapes very easily and thus create precisely fitting templates for later work. Sandblasting tape is also heat resistant up to 100 degrees, so the material does not ignite as a result of mechanical stress.

We offer our customers to customize the tapes according to their requirements. Feel free to contact our long-time experts for more information.