PA films - The numerous advantages of polyamide-based adhesives

Polyamide or PA films have a very high heat resistance and are extremely tear-resistant. In addition, there is good abrasion resistance, such as in the case of adhesive tapes with PA fabric and PA velour, which belong to the highest abrasion class (according to LV 312). Polyamide films are often used in the electrical industry.

PA films – The advantages of polyamide-based adhesives

The advantages of polyamide or PA films are numerous. PA adhesive is characterized not only by its mechanical robustness. Added to this is a high resistance to the effects of heat. At the same time, however, the cold behavior is also excellent. Thus, PA films pass the high temperature requirements of numerous industries. Similarly, polyamide-based adhesives are highly resistant to many chemicals and plasticizers.

PA films – Polyamide adhesive is used in these industries

Due to their valuable adhesive properties, PA films are used in many industries. For example, the electrical industry, the construction industry and the automotive industry use polyamide-based adhesives. Not sure if our PA films are suitable for your industry application? Then ask our experts about this and contact us right away. Also interesting: we offer you various options to customize products according to your needs.