Floor marking tapes

Nowadays, floor marking tapes are an indispensable part of hazard identification, for example, and can be used in a variety of ways. Be it in airports as signposts, in banks as distance markings, in car dealerships or also in your company to mark different areas, internal traffic routes, danger spots or similar.

To find the right tape for your needs, they should pay attention to the following features.

  • Is the ribbon printed cleanly and without errors?
  • Are the colors high-contrast and therefore easily visible?
  • Can the adhesive tape be easily removed from the roll?
  • Does the tape have a high adhesive strength on smooth as well as uneven surfaces?

The applications of floor marking tapes

Our adhesive tapes provide a robust adhesive solution and are easy to handle. With our diverse color palette, eye-catching color combinations such as yellow/black and red/white are available. Since we always adapt our products to the most modern specifications, our floor marking tapes are particularly tear-resistant and UV-resistant. Accordingly, they are ideally suited for use over a longer period of time.

They must be applied on clean, dry and smooth industrial floors. Our PVC adhesive tape for floor marking are available in different colors and sizes. For other individual colors just contact us. Otherwise, we will also gladly assemble various adhesive tapes for you. This means you are optimally equipped even for individual requirements.