Paper adhesive tapes / crepe adhesive tapes

Our paper tapes, or also called crepe tape, made of natural brown soda paper are one-sided adhesive and are mostly used in painting or similar trades. Compared to the competition, this type of tape can be effortlessly removed from the roll and easily attached to walls or the like. In addition, they often serve for covering work for short to long periods of time. They roll off easily and are ideal for manual processing. If required, you can have us print them individually to support more complex work with visual markings.

In contrast to film tapes, the tear strength is significantly higher, making the paper tape ideal for sealing boxes, packages or other packaging options. Due to their special stretch stability during temperature fluctuations, paper adhesive tapes are also used in the high-temperature range.

Our range of paper adhesive tapes and crepe adhesive tapes

The following list of our paper tapes serves as a rough overview. If you do not find a suitable solution for your special requirement here, please contact us personally or use our product inquiry. We are continuously expanding our product range and keeping it at the cutting edge of development. We will do our best to find optimal solutions for your individual wishes as well.