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Adhesive tapes for steel and glass industry

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Precision is required in the steel and glass industries. The demands on the products are correspondingly high. These must be made absolutely exactly to measure and delivered without scratches, especially in the area of decorative elements. However, especially during the storage of the goods can be mechanical traces. As a supplier of adhesive tapes for the steel industry and glass industry, we help you protect your valuable products.

The right adhesive tape for the steel industry and glass industry

When choosing a suitable adhesive tape for the steel and glass industry, two factors are important: The adhesive used and the backing material. With the adhesive, it is important to note whether the tapes must be removed from the product again without leaving any residue. The substrate must also be suitable for the particular application. Here it is important to pay attention to tear resistance or other properties such as padding. Based on our many years of experience, we can advise you in detail on these issues

Example adhesive tapes

for a wide range of applications

We would like to introduce some suitable tapes for steel industry and glass industry. First of all, glass-reinforced tapes are highly recommended. These have a particularly pronounced tensile strength. They can be used, for example, to secure steel sections or bars in a bundle in such a way that they can no longer roll around and cause scratches. In addition, PE adhesive tapes are also suitable for the steel industry and glass industry. These have a plastic layer that allows, for example, precise labeling of the products. As a result, these belts offer additional value for your warehouse specialists. In addition, you can also use PE-coated tapes with foam. These provide additional cushioning for your products.

Adhesive tape packaging

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For numerous applications, off-the-shelf belts are only suitable to a limited extent or not at all. As a specialist in adhesive tapes for the steel industry and glass industry, we offer you extensive possibilities for finishing. This gives you an individual product that exactly meets your specific needs. Together with you, we check which requirements your adhesive tapes have to meet. If you have any questions about our products and services, please feel free to contact us by phone or use our inquiry form.

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