PP films for laying carpets

Reliable fixation of carpets has an important meaning to ensure safety. Slipping floor coverings otherwise pose a permanent risk of accidents. In addition to carpet tapes, our PP films (polypropylene films) are also excellent for securely attaching carpets. This is due to a number of advantageous properties of polypropylene.

PP films – temperature resistant and waterproof

The fact that carpet tapes are not always sufficient to reliably fix carpets is due to the sometimes extreme conditions of use. For example, high temperatures, humidity or even a high mechanical load can affect the fixation by the carpet tape. PP films are much more efficient in this respect. The polypropylene-based films benefit from high temperature resistance and low moisture absorption. In addition, polypropylene is extremely stable, so that even large mechanical impacts have little effect on the PP film. The material also meets the criteria of the EC Environmental Commission and is therefore extremely environmentally friendly.

PP Films – Customized for you

As an expert in adhesive tapes and application-oriented solutions, we offer our customers more than just the sale of products. Please inform yourself about our services in the field of converting in order to specifically modify your PP films according to your requirements. In addition, our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our polypropylene films. Simply get in touch with us for this purpose.