Transfer adhesive tape

In industry and especially in the field of automotive production, there are numerous applications in which special double-sided adhesive tapes, so-called transfer tapes, are required. They are characterized by their strong adhesive acrylate glue, which is glued without a carrier. As a result, transfer tapes lie particularly flat, which means that different components can be bonded seamlessly. In addition, extremely strong adhesive films are used for the tapes to guarantee a reliable hold. This makes transfer tapes suitable for various types of final bonding. Very good results are obtained with surfaces based on the materials steel (8, N/cm), polycarbonate (7.6 N/cm) and polystyrene (7.2 N/cm). In addition, transfer tapes are extremely resistant to the effects of aging, such as UV light, as well as moisture. They can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees in the short term, and up to 80 degrees in the long term.

Transfer tapes – carrier-free all-rounders

Transfer tapes are characterized by their carrier-free adhesive film. The actual tape therefore consists only of an adhesive film surrounded on one or both sides by protective silicone paper. This is detached from the tape for application, exposing the self-adhesive acrylic adhesive. Since the actual tape consists only of this flat adhesive layer, it is ideal for seamless bonding of smooth or thin materials as well as closed and slightly textured surfaces. Depending on which acrylic adhesive is used, transfer tapes are used in a wide variety of industries.

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