Carpet tapes

Carpet tape or sometimes called installation tape is a strong double-sided tape with excellent adhesive strength. It is used to securely bond carpets and other floor coverings to the substrate. Carpet tape is used in private households as well as in larger companies. In this context, craftsmen and forwarders in particular obtain installation tape or corresponding tape to fix carpets and other floor coverings and thus prevent the risk of accidents.

The advantages of carpet tape

Carpet tape is suitable for all carpets and PVC floor coverings and can be removed without leaving any residue or damage – regardless of the adhesive strength or the thickness of the tape. The extra strong adhesive tape adheres to almost all surfaces such as tiles, marble, vinyl and other smooth structures indoors. Installation of the carpet tape is easy from the hand. After application to the substrate, the carpet tape can be torn through manually. Then pull the protective plastic film from the back, which is also adhesive, and you can apply the floor covering to be fixed.

Highest quality carpet tape

As an expert for adhesive tape, we only rely on strong and renowned brands such as tesa or 3M. In addition, we advise you on the choice of the appropriate adhesive tape or also undertake individual packaging in order to provide you with a holistic service. If you have any questions about our strong carpet tape, feel free to contact our experts directly. Together we will find the right carpet tape for your individual needs.