Aluminum adhesive tapes

Aluminum adhesive tapes consist of a thin aluminum foil, which is coated with an adhesive on one side. This adhesive should have high heat resistance to meet the requirements of various sectors and industries.

With us you can find aluminum adhesive tapes with different properties and in different dimensions. For special requirements, we customize our adhesive tapes to meet your individual needs. Our experts of many years’ standing know the various industries inside out and will be happy to advise you.

The special features of aluminum adhesive tapes

The main features and advantages of aluminum adhesive tapes compared to classic adhesive tapes made of plastic are that the tapes made of aluminum are significantly more heat resistant and have a higher durability. In this context, aluminum adhesive tapes offer a range of application possibilities not only at high heat but also at very low temperatures. That is why aluminum adhesive tapes are mainly used in heating and ventilation construction. In this case, they are used mainly for insulation and fixation of wires and the like.