Adhesive tape rotary die cutting

into shapes that fit

Rotary die cutting of adhesive tape for more efficiency

Individual precision down to the millimeter

Do you need adhesive tapes cut into complex shapes? No problem for us. You give us the dimensions, we punch through the tape. In doing so, we guarantee you the highest quality and precision due to modern technology and experienced employees. Individual rotary die-cutting of adhesive tape gives you much more efficiency in application. Rotary die cutting is particularly suitable for high volumes and complex geometries.

The rotary die-cutting of adhesive tape compared to stroke die-cutting

Rotary die-cutting of adhesive tape is basically reminiscent of stroke die-cutting. However, there is one key difference here. Die-cut tape parts do not remain on a backing material, but are supplied as individual parts. In which context rotary die-cutting of adhesive tapes makes more sense than stroke die-cutting, our experienced staff can explain to you on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to contact our experts with your individual application.

Tape solutions made to measure

We optimize your processes and you save time and money

Consulting & Service

Are you looking for a suitable adhesive tape for a special application?

We know how complex it is to find the right solution from the abundance of possibilities. For this reason, our experts will be happy to provide you with advice and support. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

    Dimension of the punched part
    current need
    Demand per year
    More information about the punched part and application
    Presentation of the punched part
    Should the internal parts be removed or remain?
    How many die-cut parts should be next to each other if they are produced on roll or sheet?
    A touch lug serves as a pull-off aid for better handling, especially with double-sided products.
    Should the residual grid be removed?
    For example, is defined packaging desired?

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