Flame Retardant Aluminum Adhesive Tape

Flame retardant aluminum adhesive tape is required for various applications. The tape with its age-resistant acrylate adhesive is suitable for sealing pipes and air ducts and for bonding aluminum-clad mineral fiber insulation materials. In addition, it can be used as a vapor diffusion barrier, masking tape in electroplating, reflector foil or even in container repair. The flame-retardant aluminum adhesive tape must meet extreme requirements in this context and is therefore temperature-resistant up to 150 degrees. In addition, there is a strong resistance to other weather conditions such as moisture.

Flame retardant aluminum adhesive tape – The ISO DIN 4102 B1

Safety plays a decisive role in the areas of application of flame-retardant aluminum adhesive tape. Therefore, the properties that this particular tape must meet are defined in the international standard ISO DIN 4102. This divides the flammability of materials into levels B1 for flame retardant, B2 for normal flammability and B3 for easily flammable. In order to obtain a corresponding certificate for grade B1, flame-retardant aluminum adhesive tapes are tested by institutes approved for this purpose.

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