Barrier tape

You want to buy barrier tape online for your customers or for your own larger needs? We are specialized in adhesive tapes and barrier tapes as a dealer. In our constantly growing assortment you will find a large selection of different warning tapes. If you have any special requests beyond that, we can also customize your barrier tape. Do you have questions about this topic? Then feel free to contact our experts.

Barrier tape – Many applications

The purpose of a barrier tape is obvious: it is used to cordon off certain areas so that unauthorized persons no longer have access to them. Common examples include construction sites, accident sites, locations of police investigations, and so on. If you want to buy a barrier tape, but do not know whether our products are suitable for your application, we will be happy to advise you on this.

Pay attention to the material of barrier tapes

Barrier tapes often remain in the open for a long time. This means that they must be tough and resistant to environmental influences. Nevertheless, the material should be environmentally friendly. Barrier tapes based on PE-LD film are usually suitable for this purpose.

For other applications, however, such as when the belts are under tension, plastics such as polyethylene HD are more suitable. Likewise, the question of whether the tape should be tearable by hand plays a role. So if you want to buy barrier tape online, there are many factors to consider

Barrier tape color and dimensions

Black and yellow barrier tapes and red and white barrier tapes are typical. This has the background that these colors serve as signal colors. A signal tape may also be more suitable for your application. Besides the choice of color, the dimension also plays a crucial role. Therefore, we offer a wide range of barrier tapes in black-yellow and red-white in various sizes.

Custom barrier tapes

For some applications, barrier tapes should be processed by fabrication. This can, for example, facilitate handling in practice. We use the most modern processes for this and offer you individually cut tapes or also products with labeling. Black-yellow or red-white barrier tape does not fit your application? Then ask us for other color configurations. Our employees look forward to hearing from you.