3M VHB acrylic foam adhesive tapes

Fast, secure, strong – this is what VHB adhesive tapes stand for. VHB is the abbreviation for very high bond. VHB adhesive tapes allow an absolutely firm bond, even for demanding applications in a wide range of industries. You can find out what advantages these adhesive tapes offer in the following paragraphs.

VHB adhesive tapes at a glance:

  • High instant adhesion
  • Acrylic adhesive
  • High temperature, weather, UV and solvent resistance
  • Combines high- and low-energy surfaces
  • Ideal for many industries
  • Available in different colors

The structure of VHB adhesive tapes from 3M

Like all VHB adhesive tapes, these products must guarantee permanent adhesion even under extreme conditions. A special design is used to meet these requirements. The high-performance acrylate foam is particularly important here. The material is closed-cell and does not harden, allowing it to penetrate optimally into the surfaces to be bonded and bond them reliably. This applies to various materials such as glass, metal or plastics – including PP, PE, ABS and so on. To ensure that the double-sided VHB adhesive tapes achieve maximum effect, they are made entirely of acrylate foam. This sets them apart from conventional tapes, where only the outside is coated with adhesive.

Valuable properties

In addition to their outstanding adhesive performance, VHB adhesive tapes from 3M have other valuable properties that make them the first choice for demanding applications. They have exceptional tensile and shear strength and offer significantly greater durability and elasticity than conventional double-sided foam tapes. Thanks to their closed-cell structure, they are also extremely weather-resistant, making them an ideal solution for withstanding high temperatures, moisture and UV radiation.

Suitable for many applications

Thanks to the combination of high adhesive performance and robustness, VHB adhesive tapes from 3M are suitable for a whole range of applications in various industries. This also includes particularly demanding applications in which the adhesive tapes replace a mechanical joining method. This allows process steps to be designed more efficiently and material costs to be saved. The focus sectors include, among others:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive sector
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Signage
  • Electronics
  • Household appliances

VHB adhesive tapes from 3M in matching optics

Depending on the application, not only the material properties and adhesive performance play a role, but also the appearance. That’s why we offer our tapes with acrylic foam in black, grey, white and also clear or transparent. This gives you a customized solution for your specific application.

We recommend these VHB adhesive tapes:

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