Special adhesive tapes

Our product range for special adhesive tapes serves as a rough overview. You will find here a selection of adhesive tapes specially developed for specific applications of our customers. At the outset, it is necessary to determine what properties the tape must have for your purposes. We will also find optimal solutions for your individual wishes. Does the tape need to stick well above freezing, or might you want to store cartons in humid conditions for an extended period of time?

Our special adhesive tapes

Among other things, we sell self-welding silicone tapes, these are made of special silicone rubber and are resistant even in temperature ranges from -54°C to +260°C as well as against extreme environmental influences such as moisture, oxygen and ozone. Due to these special properties, our silicone tapes often find applications in the fields of electronics and mechanics. Learn more about our silicone belt here.

Our special adhesive tapes are used where classic tapes have long since reached their limits. Even under the most severe conditions, the adhesive strength of our special adhesive tapes persists and will not let you down. If you cannot find a suitable solution for your special requirement here, please contact us by phone or use our inquiry form. Our product range is constantly being expanded and kept at the latest state of development