Double sided adhesive tapes

One product from our range to which we pay a lot of attention is the double-sided adhesive tape. It is a classic among adhesive tapes and is suitable for a wide range of applications for different industries and users. As a specialized distributor of technical adhesive tapes, cardinal TAPES can also act particularly quickly and flexibly for the customer on the market with short decision-making paths. In addition, we follow technical developments and thus always keep our product range up to date.

The different double-sided adhesive tapes

Tapes such as transfer tapes, non-woven tapes, PU/PVC/PE foam tapes and also fabric tapes can all be classified as belonging to the family of double-sided adhesive tapes. The clear advantage of this type of tape is its universal applicability. Technical double-sided adhesive tapes are suitable, for example, for the installation of carpeting, because they can be removed without leaving any residue and do not leave any adhesive residue on floors. In addition, adhesive tapes with double-sided adhesive strength are also used for joining, fixing and holding various materials such as plastic and wood.

The following list of our double-sided adhesive tapes serves as a rough overview. Our adhesive tapes are available in various thicknesses. Thus, you get exactly the right amount for your project and do not have to deal with annoying adhesive residues. If you do not find a suitable solution for your special requirement here, please contact us personally or use our inquiry form.