Processing information

The following processing instructions are general tips and apply to a large part of our standard range. However, as there are of course some exceptions, you should always follow the product-specific application instructions. If you are lacking the corresponding information, we will be happy to help you.

Different substrates for adhesive tapes


  • To achieve optimum adhesion, the surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free of grease.
  • Anti-adhesive surface substances such as dust, mould release agents, grease or wax must be removed before bonding.
  • If possible, ensure that the substrate is free of plasticizers.
Cleaning the adhesive surface


  • For rough and uneven surfaces, use thicker, levelling adhesive tapes.
Optimum temperature for adhesive tapes in dry rooms


  • The optimum bonding temperature is between 20 and 30°C in dry rooms. If possible, do not work at temperatures below 10°C
Use of adhesive tape


  • The separating cover must be removed completely.
  • After joining, press the workpieces together with sufficient and even contact pressure (approx. 20 N/cm²).
  • Use a pressure roller for optimal bonding.
  • Make sure that the processing equipment (including the hands) is free of separating agents.
Adhesive strength diagram

End adhesive strength

  • In order to achieve the usually higher final adhesive strength, a mounting time of approx. 48 hours is necessary.
Storage temperature of the adhesive tape


  •  Store the adhesive tape in its original packaging at room temperature (optimum: 18°C and 55% relative humidity).