Test methods

Adhesion test for adhesive


Adhesion describes the bond strength of an adhesive tape on a substrate and is one of the most important parameters of any application. The adhesive strength increases under the influence of pressure on the joint. It depends largely on the level of pressure, time, and the type and surface finish of the material to be bonded.

Shear strength test for adhesive

Shear Strength

Shear strength is largely determined by the internal strength of an adhesive and describes the holding force of the adhesive tape in an application. Shear strength is relevant for applications where forces act parallel to the bonded surface.

Temperature resistance test for adhesive

Temperature resistance

Temperature resistance is a measure of the holding force in an application at elevated temperatures. It indicates the temperature up to which the adhesive tape can hold a defined weight. A distinction is made between short-term resistance (sec./min.) and long-term resistance (hours/years).